Health Benefits
Attention kidney dialysis patients- I've received testimonies from kidney dialysis patients
who discovered when they lay their Tesla bottle in their laps while getting the dialysis treatment, they notice an increase in energy and lack of fatigue they normally feel after treatment. They told me they would lay the Tesla 16 oz. screw cap or the 1/2 liter bottles in their laps near the iv tubes. 
I can only guess this is due to the energy field around the Tesla Bottles.

The importance of electrified and magnetized water for optimal cell regeneration
Every 10 cells need approximately 1 volt of electricity to stay healthy.

Kirlian photo before drinking from Tesla Power Cup

Kirlian photo after drinking from Tesla Power Cup



5 Healing sciences in every 
Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle and Cup 


 Taste and feel the difference of water
from your 
Tesla Bottle and Tesla Power Cup

  Immediate Benefits:
*Magnetizes your water or tea
*Restores electrical potential of water
*Better taste
*Increased circulation
*Strengthens immune system
*Deeper absorption
*Faster rehydration of entire body
*Energy lift within minutes
*Increase strength and endurance,
*Strengthens bladder, organs and muscles
*Excellent for plants, pets, and children



"The more you drink, the better you feel."
This bottle will assist in the rehydrating of all your cells with deep penetrating crystal magnetic alkaline water that
has been actively structured with affirmations to enhance your entire body and life. Yes, I’m talking about increasing
 the quality of your life through the regeneration and restorative qualities of water.

At birth we are over 90 percent water. Take a moment to compare a newborn baby to a so called “old” person. It almost seems that aging is connected with some form of dehydration. I believe as many modern scientists and doctors are
now seeing an intimate connection between being well hydrated with water and how slow or fast you age. But the
 type of water our bodies need is crucial to regeneration
Water is the secret element for life, strength, and health. 

“Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle" a wonderful product from many years of intense research and study into the sacred
 energy of various modalities of healing. Tesla technology, Magnet Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Hydro Therapy, and
 most of all the power of visualization and your sincere intentions. These powerful sciences are combined into
one beautiful bottle that will stay charged at least three years.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities of the healing, regenerative power of water when correctly activated.
“Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle" is to awaken water's healing energy. Water activated and programed to feed your entire being. Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy each day of “drinking yourself back to health.”



How should I use my bottle for the best results?

Your drinking water is a living liquid crystal element. When you pour water, tea, or juice into your
 "Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle", the water is immediately charged and activated, ready to serve you it’s healing blessings.
After filling your bottle with water or tea, close the top, shake three times, mentally or verbally read the affirmations
on the outside of your bottle as you imagine FEELING as if each sentence has already happened to you. With a
feeling of thankfulness to the water begin to drink. The water will actively transform your health, wealth, and
happiness with continued use. Have faith in this science. The research has already proven
it works.

Everyday you should drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. For example, if your weight is 160 lbs, you should strive to
drink about 80 oz. gradually throughout your entire day. Do not drink all at once. 
One gallon is 128 oz. Your bottle is
either 16 oz or one quart. To drink one gallon per day, you will need about 8 refills of your 16 oz bottle. Do not try to drink a gallon of water right away. Drink two refills every two hours. By the end of the day,
you will have drank the needed gallon or more.

 Please explain to me the meaning of "PH."

"PH" means potential hydrogen. It is the measurement of the presence or absence of hydrogen electrons in the outer
orbit of a liquid. An acidic substance is missing electrons in its outer orbit. When acidic liquids or substances such as smoke, processed foods and juices enter your body, the acidic substance actually eats away at your cells to fill the
missing electrons in its outer orbit.
So if you drink or eat acidic foods, you actually increase the degeneration and cellular aging of your tissues and
organs. Alkaline water and food actually have extra electrons in the outer orbit to feed your cells, tissues, and organs.


Asparagus is commonly known to be an alkaline food. Asparagus has so much alkalinity that the harvested vegetable actually generates heat when stored in a refrigerator. This energy is possibly what the Taoists followers call "chi" Chi is often experienced as heat. And the lack of "Chi" or light is sensed as cold.   Hydrogen is the lightest element in the
periodic chart.
According to the world famous Nigerian Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Gabriel Oyibo, Hydrogen is the ONLY ELEMENT in the periodic chart, and all the other elements are simply hydrogen derivatives. Interestingly the ancient Egyptians called hydrogen, "AMON RA."

The creative force from which all is made. Biblical reference to the use of light in creation is noted in the first book of Genesis. There are two creations of "Light." First God said, "Let there be Light. The second creation is God creating
stars and suns. This cosmic creation of light or hydrogen is the invisible clay from which all creation is made. Acidity creates darkness and disease with the cells. Alkalinity or "RA"kalinity creates energy and good health within your cells.  Being mindful of drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline food to strive towards an alkaline lifestyle has been highly beneficial to the health and recovery from sickness and disease.

Please explain more to me about alkaline water and how this bottle instantly alkalizes water

There are many ways to form alkaline water. The easiest and cheapest way to alkalize your drinking water is to add
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to a quart of water. This will create an alkaline reading of 8-9. However, the memory
and the structure of water will remain the same. Chemical alkalinity, magnetic alkalinity, mechanical alkalinity, electrical alkalinity, and crystal alkalinity. In the near future laser generated alkaline water will also be available.
 Many of the
modern alkaline machines used  in today's kitchens are electrical alkaline producing machines with platinum coated titanium plates.
 Originally alkaline water was created through magnetic alkalinity. Mother Nature does not use titanium plates with platinum coatings to produce alkaline water. Mother Nature uses primarily quartz. Quartz surrounds all ocean bodies in the form of sand like a crystal chalice holds a cup of water. Every ocean is surrounded by quartz sand, very
river has quartz river rocks, and every stream has quartz pebbles. Quartz is the next most abundant element after water
on our planet


I don't understand. Are you telling me this bottle was originally glass and now it's quartz? I never heard of anything like that. Please explain!

All glass is made of sand. All sand is made of quartz. In the process of converting sand or silicon dioxide into glass, the crystalline structure in the glass is vibrationally made impotent. Using advanced Tesla technology with electrostatic
each bottle is atomically restructured and vibrationally accelerated into QUARTZ ACTIVATED GLASS in the healing blue light spectrum.The harmonics of the Tesla blue quartz bottle instantly alters any water, tea, or juice poured inside the bottle.
Atomic acceleration into light saturation of your drinking water will create a taste of natural rain softness. Water molecules
are instantly accelerated to the atomic velocity of crystal magnetic alkalinity giving a smooth texture to every sip. This reduction of surface tension and viscosity allows the smooth tasting crystal magnetic alkaline water to penetrate deep
into your cells, tissues, and organs. The water, tea, or juice is finally taken to the highest level of active programming
with the sacred words of thankfulness, joy, love, wealth, happiness, and supreme health.

When I drink water I always have to go to the bathroom, what should I do?

When you put drinking water into your “Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle", the water is instantly shifted into an alkaline, magnetic,
crystalized element activated to regenerate all your cells, tissues, and organs.
The water goes deeper into your cells than ordinary water. This deeper penetration of water will take hours to be released from your bladder.

When I fill my bottle should I put it in the freezer?
Water expands when it freezes, imagine what will happen to your bottle in the freezer. CRACK!!!.....refrigerator only

Please explain the “Tesla Blue Quartz” Spray Bottle?
Our skin is the largest organ of our body. The skin of our face is exposed daily to the air pollution, electronic pollution, chemical pollution, and our facial expressions reflect the daily stresses of our lives. The “Tesla Blue Quartz” Spray Bottle
is a living water facial. 
Immediately you will feel the skin texture getting softer with each application. There is unlimited possibilities in skin softening and facial regeneration with daily applications. Keep your spray bottle close to your bed
at night to use before you go to sleep and upon wakening. You will be amazed at the results. Also when you start feeling tired, spray your face and the top of your scalp for a refreshing boost.

Please tell me more about the “Tesla Blue Quartz” Spray Bottle

This "Tesla Blue Quartz" spray bottle is also know as a “Crystal Water Wand.” First benefit is how the quartz activated glass, the magnet at the bottom, and the positive affirmations on the label helps to rehydrate and soften your skin's deep moisture needs, while energizing your mental awareness. This may be very helpful in restoring alertness and focus when crucially needed. Simply spraying the water upon your skin gives a refreshing sensation of calm alertness. As you say your chants and affirmations in the morning and throughout your day, spray as you chant and pray. Use your “Crystal Water Wand” to transform your home, office, work area spraying to transmute negative energy. Your Crystal Water Wand is activated Quartz in a powerful healing blue ray. As you call on Archangel Michael for protection of yourself or others, spray with focused, absolute knowing, the direct projection of sincere intention will manifest your desired effect.

I would like to reduce the wrinkles on my face and hands. What are some helpful suggestions?

Fill your Tesla Blue Quartz spray bottle with a 50/50 blend of first cold press olive oil and organic grape seed oil. Allow oil to
charge at least 1-3 hours inside your "Crystal Water Wand." Spray and rub into skin before bedtime and upon awakening. The magnetized oil charging up inside the Tesla Blue Quartz bottle will allow deep absorption of structured oil into your skin.


This is a great way to ionize your bath water. Place Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle in empty tub.
Fill tub while water cascades over the Tesla Bottle.
The tub of water will be activated with structured ionized energy.
 Suggested bath time is at least 30-60 minutes

Before and after kirlian photos of aura