Enjoy the crystal-magnetic ion activation of water, tea, or juice. Your Tesla Bottle and Cup includes Quartz activated glass, magnets, coils, sacred geometry, and beneficial affirmations wrapped around the bottom and sides to charge your water, tea, and juice. Taste the soft, light texture of magnetized, crystalized, ionized, structured water. This guide will show you the most common applications for greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Think of your Tesla bottle as an activated crystal.
Treat your Tesla Bottle and Tesla Cup as precious jewelry. 
Wash gently. Just soap and water.
Do not use dish washer to clean
Each Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle and Cup has no need to recharge. The crystal, magnetic, coiled 
energy is self perpetuating. 

Charging drinking water-

Simply fill with water. The quartz activated glass, removal of water's bad memories, cobalt blue healing color, positive affirmations, and the rare earth magnetism will restructure your water to a micro- clustered softness, with a smoother taste and lightness. Many people experience energy moving through their bodies as the electrical potential and magnetism is being restored to the cells. For best results, place Tesla Bottle in sunlight at least one hour before drinking.

Tesla Spray Bottle-
Our face and hands are exposed to the pollutants and stresses of everyday life. Spray your face often to better crystal-magnetically hydrate your skin. With daily hydration of micro-clustered water permeating your face and hands, others will begin to notice your skin's glow more and more.

Extra Beauty tip
- Place 50/50 mix of grapeseed oil and first cold press olive oil into Tesla spray bottle. Let oil charge for at least 10 minutes. Spray oil on hands and face. Gently massage oil into skin before bedtime and before starting day. Enjoy restored softness and diminished wrinkles.

Better performance during exercise-

Carry your Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle with you during workout. Experience faster absorption and re-hydration. Feel the difference.

More energy for better living-

Experience deeper hydration and energy from the crystal magnetic energy of the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle. Remember, every 10 cells need about one volt of electricity to remain healthy. Water from the faucet has lost its natural voltage and magnetism. The Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle restores the natural magnetism and electrical potential of water. Feel the difference within minutes. Enjoy

Charging water for pets-

Let water sit in bottle or cup for 2-5 minutes before pouring into pet bowl. Watch how your pet enjoys the water.


Charging water for plants-
Use the Tesla Spray Bottle on the leaves, allowing greater absorption. Use the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle to charge water before feeding your plants. Let water sit 2-5 minutes before use.

Charging bath water-

Enjoy bathing in a hot tub of structured, micro- clustered crystal magnetic water. Simply place your Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle or Cup under facet of empty tub. Fill tub while water cascades over the bottle or cup. You will experience a deeper level of refreshment and relaxation.

Magnifying your dreams, goals, and desires-
Write a prayer/affirmation letter of your goals. Wrap letter around bottle or cup with rubber band before going to sleep. Place at head of bed or under the head of your bed. The activated water combined with the crystal magnetic structure of the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle or Cup will amplify your dreams into the magnetic field of the earth.

Hold for increased meditation experience-
Hold your Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle for enhanced 

Charging bedroom or office-
Enjoy the gentle invigoration of healing ions while you work or rest. Place near screen to neutralize harmful radiation. At night, fill Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle or Cup with drinking water. Center filled bottle in a glass or ceramic bowl with at least 1-2 inches of water. Position bottle near your feet so energy will be absorbed through your soles while resting. Upon awakening, sit up and drink from the Tesla charged water bottle. Change water in bowl every 2-3 days. The bowl will collect dust 20 feet in every direction.

If you are using the Tesla Power Cup, simply fill with water and place under your bed or at the head of your bed.

Charge your crystals and jewelry-
Place crystals or jewelry inside Tesla Cup at least 1 hour or overnight. Also place in sunlight or moonlight for extra energy.

Good for children-
Children will love the pleasant taste of water from the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle. This will assist them in staying healthy and well hydrated.

Good for cramps and muscle aches-
Preheat with hot water the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle until desired temp is reached. Fill bottle with hot water. Wipe excess water from outside of bottle. Place bottle against muscle ache or cramps with bottle wrapped in moist towel. Use for 20-30 minutes. Repeat as needed.

Hot water bottle massage-
Preheat with hot water the Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle until desired temp is reached. Dry outside of bottle. Apply massage oil to skin, then carefully massage the heated Tesla Bottle over skin. Enjoy the crystal magnetic therapy.

Helps boost immune system while traveling-
Good hydration is crucial to healthy travel. Having strong immunity from traveling with people who are coughing, sneezing, and blowing their noses in a confined space of a plane, bus, or train can make the difference of enjoyable travel or vacation. Take your Tesla Bottle while traveling. When going through security, have your Tesla Bottle empty. After passing through security, refill your bottle and start hydrating to boost your immune system.

Good for enhanced circulation-Helps maintain good circulation of fingers and toes due to micro-clustered water.