Each Tesla Blue Quartz bottle uses
                         5 powerful healing sciences.



                                                           Tesla  Premium Power Cup 12 oz front view                         


Tesla  Premium Power Cup 12 oz rear view

Tesla Premium Power Cup Bottom View

Egyptian Cup Front view

Egyptian Cup rear view

Sacred Judaic Cup front view

Sacred Judaic Cup back view

Sacred Islamic Cup front view

Sacred Islamic back view

Sacred Rastafarian Cup front view

 Sacred Rastafarian Cup rear view

When ordering please state which style label you desire

                          Premium Tesla Blue Quartz Bottle              Standard Tesla Quartz Bottle          

1 liter -33.8 oz

1/2 liter-16.9 oz

16 oz. screw cap

1 1/2 oz. Spray Bottle

Tesla 1 1/2 oz. 

      1 - Tesla Electro Crystal Technology

Each Tesla Bottle and Cup is Quartz Activated Glass. Charging your water, tea, juice or massage oil.
The Tesla Power Cup pictured above will activate any crystal or metal jewelry. Just place inside cup and leave at least
 1 hour or overnight.


                                         2 - Magnet Therapy 

Every Tesla Bottle and Cup uses rare earth magnets to magnetically alkalize and create structure to the water
before you drink.

                                      3 - Dr Emoto's Science of Water 

With sacred words of love, joy, and thankfulness, beautiful structure is created in your drinking water. Imagine the
unlimited healthy cell and tissue possibilities
with continued use

                                                 4 - Ho'Oponopono
The ancient Hawaiian healing art applied to water assisting in removing the painful memories and unhealthy
structure of water  while traveling from natural water sources into pipes, valves, pumps, treatment plants, and unnatural angles. 90 degree angles or elbows found in plumbing lines alters the healthy structure of drinking water.

5 - Color Therapy 

Cobalt blue is a healing alkaline producing color that stimulates cellular healing and growth.